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Why is Sha Chi - Poison Arrows bad feng shui in my bedroom? 
Energy wise, sha chi, or feng shui poison arrows, are exactly what they sounds like - arrows of strong, attacking energy pointing at your personal energy field. It weakens your energy and is certainly not promoting good health and well-being.

How can I identify the feng shui poison arrows, or sha chi, in my bedroom?
Carefully look around your bedroom with "feng shui eyes" and detect all the feng shui poison arrows, called sha chi, pointing at you while you are in bed. Be it from the nearby nightstands, from a further away piece of furniture, such as a chest of drawers, or from a sharp wall corner - be sure to neutralize all the sharp energy aiming at you.

The easiest way to identify the feng shui poison arrows is to get into your bed and from there inspect all the items in your bedroom - do any of them have sharp corners that point at you while you are in bed? After visually inspecting the furniture, look at the decor items - is the sharp corner from the nearby painting sending you a sharp arrow? How about the modern shape tall and square candleholders? Last, take a look at the walls and see if there are sharp, protruding corners that are pointing at you while you are in bed.

How can I remedy the effect of feng shui poison arrows in my bedroom ?: 
First, be sure to identify all poison arrows; you might be surprised at how many of them you missed the first time. Second, use your creativity, as each poison arrow will ask for a slightly different feng shui cure, or remedy.

In some cases, a slight repositioning of furniture will be sufficient. For example, repositioning the bedroom art or decor items, as well as slightly moving the nightstands, will sometimes soften, or shift the aiming of arrows.

In case of a protruding wall corner, or a piece of furniture that cannot be moved, try working with fabric to soften the sharp energy, or an appropriate for your decor scheme artificial plant that can go over the sharp edge. I have often recommended and have seen clients implement the rounding of a sharp corner - it might not be the cheapest or the quickest solution, but if you plan to be in your home for a while, it is definitely worth looking into. Ask a friend, a contractor, or go to any home improvement store for answers on how to round a sharp wall corner.

Once you have identified the sharp energy - sha chi in your bedroom, I know you will find the right feng shui solutions! The gift of awareness often comes with the gift of problem-solving, so be bold and be creative. After all, it is your bedroom!

Have some stories to share about your feng shui success with neutralizing the sha chi / feng shui poison arrows in your bedroom? Please share it with us at the feng shui forum!

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